An Anniversary

Five years ago today, Patrick and I went on our first real date. We had beer and calamari at Huske Hardware House. Patrick swears I told him that very day that I wanted to have children in the next few years. Who knew that five years later we’d have one together?

This past weekend, Joe got to meet his Grandpa Mike and Grandma Mary, who came down from New York just to see him. He was on his best behavior and slept most of the time. When he did fuss, Mary showed us her patented over-the-leg trick, which calmed him right down. We’ve been doing that ever since.

We’re going to attempt to have his portrait made tomorrow. In the meantime, we continue photographing his every move at home. Here he is relaxing in the guest bed:

Such a serious face!

Joe's First Checkup

Today a nurse practitioner confirmed what I had already suspected: Joe is a perfect baby.

Patrick has to go back to work today, so my mom is in town helping us get through the days without him. He’s such an easy baby, though — he sleeps for good long stretches, and when he does cry it’s because of something that’s easy to figure out and fix: hunger, messy diaper, whatever.

The first night home with him was rough, though. I was nervous about every little thing and too keyed up to sleep even when he was sleeping. My sister spent a night with us over the weekend and forced me to go to bed as soon as she arrived. I have to remember, if I’m ever in a position to help a new mom out, what a gift that is. Getting enough sleep makes everything better.

This weekend, Patrick’s folks are coming from NY to meet their first grandchild. I’m looking forward to introducing him to them. He’s so much cuter in person than in his photos. Hard to imagine, I know!

Here’s something cool: This peace lily in our dining room bloomed on the day Joe was born. We’re plant-sitting it for our friends Alecia and Matthew, who dropped it off on their way to Boston at Christmas.

We’ve uploaded a few new photos of Joe on the Flickr account. Videos are coming soon!


Joseph VanderClute Tremblay arrived at 4:14 a.m. on Tuesday, June 10. He weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and was 20 inches long. He’s handsome and sweet-natured and already a genius.

Here’s how I feel today:

More later — I’ve got a baby to snuggle!

This is getting really old …

Thanks for the update, BabyCenter, but my 2-week-old baby HASN’T COME OUT YET!

Since Thursday evening, I have been experiencing prodromal labor, which is mostly contractions that don’t get longer or closer together but can go on for days. They sure feel like the real thing, but they just aren’t. We were up late timing them on Thursday night, until they just stopped. And then last night from 3 to 5 a.m. I was tiptoeing around the house wondering what time I should wake Patrick and tell him (I’m glad I didn’t; they stopped as soon as birds started chirping outside).

The good news is that all these false alarms are supposed to be accomplishing something, in terms of dilation and all that — so there may be less work to do when I’m really in pain.

I’ve been a bit of a recluse all weekend (more than usual, I mean!) while waiting for the real deal to get going. That’s partly because it’s about 100 degrees outside, and partly because when we went to dinner Friday night, a man in the parking lot OPENLY POINTED AND LAUGHED at me. I know I’m big and round, but dang. Wait until you get in the car before you start making fun!

Tomorrow, Joe and I have a 2:00 appointment for the same ultrasound/non-stress test routine as the past two weeks. I am really hoping to miss that appointment because of real labor, but it doesn’t look hopeful right now.

Sorry to keep everyone in suspense … he’ll be worth the wait!

Today at the Doctor's Office

Same routine as last week, with the ultrasound and the non-stress test. Joe passed everything with flying colors, although he was a bit stubborn about moving on the ultrasound at first. After a quick pep talk, he did finally give us a reassuring wave.

The tech zoomed in on his face and we could see two little nostrils at the top of the screen, with his little mouth opening and closing below. He even stuck his tiny tongue out. You can already tell he’s a good-looking kid!

Then we met with the doctor, who said that I’m one centimeter dilated (that’s the size of a Cheerio, but hey, it’s something). She asked what we’d like to do about induction. I have been doing some research and decided that the risk (to him and me) of inducing labor is greater than the risk of letting him determine his own birthday.

Don’t get me wrong — the idea of induction is tempting, especially given that:

  • It’s in the 90s and getting hotter every day
  • We are really eager to meet this kid
  • I’m running out of clothes that fit

Still, there’s no sense in rushing things if he’s not ready yet. We’ve got the rest of our lives to push him around; no reason to start now!

The doctor was surprisingly cool about the “wait and see” approach, but she does want me to come twice a week for the ultrasound routine until he’s born.

So, I’m guessing that (in keeping with the family tradition of late, huge babies) Joe will turn up on his own within the next week, tipping the scales at 9 pounds plus. Yikes!


Still no Joe. He seems quite content in there, wiggling around a lot and poking me in the ribs. What are you waiting for, child?!

We’ve resorted to reverse psychology, loudly yelling towards my belly things like, “IT’S A GOOD THING HE’S NOT HERE YET SO WE CAN TRY THAT NEW RESTAURANT!” and “I HOPE HE DOESN’T COME TODAY BECAUSE THERE’S A LOT WE NEED TO GET DONE!”

He’s not falling for it.

Every week, has been sending me an email to explain what’s happening in that week of pregnancy — the baby’s size, what organs are developing, what symptoms I might have, etc. Here is this week’s e-mail. So helpful!

Amy and the kids woke up with nasty colds today and so won’t be visiting after all. They may be here on Wednesday — if Joe doesn’t get here first!