Progress with “Mama”

My months-long quest to get a “Mama” out of Joe has made a breakthrough!

Here we are last night:

Little stinker.

But here we are this morning:


Eventually he will figure out how much I love hearing it, and how he can use it to boss me around!

Big Boy Jammies!

Since the day we brought him home, Joe has mostly slept in one-piece footie pajamas. You know, for babies.

Now our big boy is in two-piece jammies. So we get to see more of his sweet feet!

Big Boy Jammies

We had a lovely family trip to Pittsburgh last weekend, where we saw a specialist at Children’s Hospital about Joe’s eyes. He said that the glasses are doing great things for Joe’s vision, which should improve even more over time. Yay!

Here he is, waiting patiently for the Carnegie museums to open:

Joe on the bench

A Mother-Son Trip

Joe and I took a little drive to South Carolina to visit my old friend Krisie and her daughter, Lizzy. Lizzy was born a few weeks after Joe, and we can’t believe it’s taken us more than a year to get these two together.

Krisie was my bar manager when I bartended back in the late 90s. There was a time when 7 p.m. on a Friday night would have found us knee-deep in drink orders and yelling for someone to change the keg. But on this Friday night at 7 p.m., we were elbow deep in bathwater, scrubbing our babies down before putting them to bed.

Funny how things change!

Lizzy and Joe got along famously and even slept in the same room. Here they are enjoying a dip in the pool:

Lizzy and Joe in the Pool

And here is Joe, finding out how much fun Krisie is:

With Krisie

This weekend, we’ll have another road trip — but this time Daddy gets to come along. More on that later!


When Joe gets really tired, the silliest things become hysterically funny to him. His laughter can quickly turn to tears when he gets like that, so you have to be careful. But man, is it fun!

Here he is after dinner, finding that it’s a laugh riot when we talk through a paper-towel tube:


Joe makes friends wherever he goes, and people (especially kids) always say he looks like someone famous.

Here are the comparisons we hear most:

The kid from Jerry Maguire
The kid from Jerry Maguire
Harry Potter (I have never understood this one.)
Harry Potter (I have never understood this one.)
The kid from A Christmas Story
The kid from A Christmas Story
Chicken Little
Chicken Little

I think Patrick picked the best one, back when Joe first got glasses. Egghead, from the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons:


Speaking of cartoon characters with glasses, I was surprised to open the paper a few weeks ago and see Linus from Peanuts sporting a pair of specs. I looked it up, and it turns out Charles Schulz had Linus in glasses for part of 1962. After a few months, he removed them again.

linus glasses
Linus in Glasses