Still no Joe. He seems quite content in there, wiggling around a lot and poking me in the ribs. What are you waiting for, child?!

We’ve resorted to reverse psychology, loudly yelling towards my belly things like, “IT’S A GOOD THING HE’S NOT HERE YET SO WE CAN TRY THAT NEW RESTAURANT!” and “I HOPE HE DOESN’T COME TODAY BECAUSE THERE’S A LOT WE NEED TO GET DONE!”

He’s not falling for it.

Every week, has been sending me an email to explain what’s happening in that week of pregnancy — the baby’s size, what organs are developing, what symptoms I might have, etc. Here is this week’s e-mail. So helpful!

Amy and the kids woke up with nasty colds today and so won’t be visiting after all. They may be here on Wednesday — if Joe doesn’t get here first!

2 thoughts on “Monday”

  1. I hate that the kids and I couldn’t come up today, Lelo. And I’m sorry to see that you’ve already gotten a postpartum advice email. I remember those. But don’t get too bummed about Joe’s late arrival. At least you’re not sick! 🙂 Love, Maimsey

  2. Hang in there, Lia! BTW — My mom swears by eating spicy food…? Matthew sends his best. Love, Alecia

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