Poor Joe is feeling under the weather. At 16 months of age, he has his first real fever! (He’s had low-grade fevers while teething, but nothing like this. He feels like a soft little furnace!)

It’s already come down a bit from where it was, with some Tylenol and rest. As soon as he wakes up, he’s going to have some juice and a little snuggle time.

I think he picked up what Patrick had over the weekend, which means he’ll be toasty and tired for a day, and then have a yucky cough. Poor kid!

Hospital Play Date

Joe’s friend Doc is in the hospital for a little while, so Joe and I dropped by for a play date.

As far as Joe is concerned, the hospital is the Happiest Place on Earth:

Boys 2

Here he is with the giraffe he fell in love with — and ended up taking home:

Joe loves it there

Note to Nana: No, Doc isn’t in there for swine flu. Relax!

Fall Family Fun Day!

Patrick had the day off for Columbus Day yesterday. Not sure why that’s still a holiday, but we’ll take it!

The three of us went to Ashland Berry Farm to enjoy the hayride and pick out some pumpkins. It was so cool and breezy outside — perfect fall weather!

Yay for sitting on pumpkins!

We are taking our sweet time trying to decide what Joe will be for Halloween this year. Last year’s “Bee Ennui” will be hard to beat! Maybe a skunk, or a lion, or a chicken. Stay tuned!