A Very Tremblay Thanksgiving

We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with Patrick’s parents in town!

I made my second-ever Thanksgiving dinner (with no reports of food poisoning, YET) and Joe provided endless entertainment. We even got Crazy Aunt Shelly on the phone, and made her promise to come this way some time next year.

Joe absolutely adores his grandparents. When they arrived, he lit up with a face that said, “Hey, I know you guys!” The next morning, when he saw them again, it was like he couldn’t believe his luck. Adorable!

Thanksgiving 2010


Thanksgiving2010 (35)

Joseph’s Box of Wonders

Joe’s Uncle Tony (brother of his Grandpa Mike) enjoys woodworking in his spare time, and has made a really cool “Box of Wonders” for Joe.

It is decorated on all sides (even inside!) with cartoon and storybook characters, and even has his full name on the front. Every time we look at it, we notice something new!

Patrick has already started to fill it with some of the cool things he’s set aside for Joe. Who knows what Joe will fill it with in his lifetime!

Thanks, Uncle Tony!

Joseph's Box of Wonders



Party Boy

Twice in the past month, we have been awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of Joe enthusiastically playing and laughing in his crib.

The first time, I thought he was laughing in his sleep. When it continued, I shuffled over to his room to turn on some music and lull him back to sleep. But Patrick checked the video monitor and found that Joe was sitting up, eyes wide open, and just really enjoying his toys.

Same deal last night. At 1 a.m.

It’s adorable, but exhausting!

This afternoon, his grandparents arrive from New York for a Thanksgiving visit. We are hoping to get enough turkey into Joe that he will skip the midnight parties for a while. We’ll see!



Joe has (finally!) learned to use his hand to move whatever is the way when he wants to see something. This means lots of peekaboo:

And he’s a great big puller-upper, too. Not just on the couch anymore!

Teenage Dream

Joe is taking his time with all this walking and talking business, but there’s one thing he’s doing way before we expected.

Picking up high-school chicks.

His preschool class is held in the technical center of the local high school, where vocational classes are conducted. Occasionally, his teacher will bring him and his classmates to visit with the early childhood education class. His teacher tells me that the teenage girls in that class actually fuss over who will get to hold “Joe Joe” that day.

Now I know why he comes home smelling of perfume!