Pretty nice little Saturday…

I played hooky for part of Friday and spent the afternoon with Joe. On Saturday we played, went to the park, then met Momma at the annual CJSTUF Ball. There are a few more pictures over at Flickr, but this is what it looked like to me.

Friday night, hanging out before bed.
Dada's boy

At the park on Saturday.

Lia looked spectacular at the ball in her colorful dress.
Gorgeous wife

LL Cool J.
Joe holding court

Out way past bedtime. Aww yeah!
Night Joe

Tent of Darkness

Joe and I worked all last night on a new movie. I wanted to make true cinematic art. Joe wanted to play against type. The whole experience was riddled with problems. Like a curse.

Now we shove this mess your direction. Don’t watch it. Or do. We don’t care.
You’re welcome, world.