Without a net …

… or a walker, or braces, or even shoes!

Joe is getting around on foot more and more these days. When he gets lazy and tries to crawl, we make him get back up again.

He’s a lot steadier with his braces on, but look how well he’s doing even with naked feet.

That’s our boy!


Joe’s Grandma and Grandpa traveled a long way to spend a couple of days with us. Lia as always was a wonderful hostess, and dinner as always was terrific. Happy Thanksgiving everyonel!


Grandpa hamming it up with Joe.


Grandma and Lia working on dinner. Typical picture of my beautiful but camera-shy mom.


The lot of us about to destroy some food. (Lola photo copyright 2012. All rights reserved.)

Lola gets no love.

Lola’s been a daily nuisance for more than seven years. But other than getting in the way constantly and random, pointless barking, she’s really a good girl.

As she likes to say, “Has our house been broken into since I’ve been around? No? You’re welcome.”