This is getting really old …

Thanks for the update, BabyCenter, but my 2-week-old baby HASN’T COME OUT YET!

Since Thursday evening, I have been experiencing prodromal labor, which is mostly contractions that don’t get longer or closer together but can go on for days. They sure feel like the real thing, but they just aren’t. We were up late timing them on Thursday night, until they just stopped. And then last night from 3 to 5 a.m. I was tiptoeing around the house wondering what time I should wake Patrick and tell him (I’m glad I didn’t; they stopped as soon as birds started chirping outside).

The good news is that all these false alarms are supposed to be accomplishing something, in terms of dilation and all that — so there may be less work to do when I’m really in pain.

I’ve been a bit of a recluse all weekend (more than usual, I mean!) while waiting for the real deal to get going. That’s partly because it’s about 100 degrees outside, and partly because when we went to dinner Friday night, a man in the parking lot OPENLY POINTED AND LAUGHED at me. I know I’m big and round, but dang. Wait until you get in the car before you start making fun!

Tomorrow, Joe and I have a 2:00 appointment for the same ultrasound/non-stress test routine as the past two weeks. I am really hoping to miss that appointment because of real labor, but it doesn’t look hopeful right now.

Sorry to keep everyone in suspense … he’ll be worth the wait!

One thought on “This is getting really old …”

  1. Come on little Joe it’s time to come out and play….

    Lia – I hope my little comment to Joe helps cause well he just needs to come out and enjoy this world and this heat, I feel selfish keeping it to myself and want to share (weird I know since I don’t share)….

    Oh I got a puppy 🙂

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