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Joe’s Papa (my dad, Burt) was in his local newspaper today, in an article about his favorite hobby.


Meanwhile, Joe tried on his new bucket hat. We couldn’t help but notice the resemblance:


Swinging at the Park

Joe wasn’t very impressed with the swings last time he tried them.

He seems to be warming up to the idea now:

Swingin' 3

Next time, we’re bringing a better camera!

Fathers Day

When Patrick wakes up, he’s going to watch this and then open presents.

We’re sending much love to all the Dadas in Joe’s life — Grandpa Mike, Papa Burt, Uncle Rich.

Hope your day is great!

Birthday Terror

There’s still a week before Joe’s birthday, but while visiting his grandparents in New York, we decided to get some cupcakes and begin the festivities.

It took Joe a while to warm up to the idea:


He eventually discovered that the frosting is pretty tasty, and not that scary after all. Silly kid.