Happy And He Knows It

THIS JUST IN: We may have heard a first word.

We haven’t had any luck with getting him to repeat it at home, but he said it to the speech therapist yesterday. Three times, and always when she had stopped singing. Can you guess what it was?

We will keep trying to lure it out of him at home, or at least get it on video next time he sees the speech therapist. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, he is really perfecting his “Happy and You Know It” routine. Check him out:

Notes From School

Joe’s teacher said last week that they are moving him to a strap chair. This sounds like bad news at first, but it’s because he has figured out how to scoot his chair away from the table, stand up and wander away.


Not exactly at lightning speed, mind you, but it’s not conducive to learning or finishing his lunch. So now he will be safely strapped in at the table, just like his more mobile buddies.

Also happening at school:

He's enjoying his new regular lunch of Nutella-banana sandwiches ...

And he celebrated George Washington’s birthday by beating him half to death:

Joe’s Getting New Glasses

At age 3, Joe is wearing the same frames we got him when he was just 6 months old. They’ve been adjusted a time or two to fit his growing noggin, but never replaced. That’s kind of miraculous, especially since they aren’t the super-indestructible kind that we first looked at.

Because those frames were made for baby faces, and he’s got a growing little-boy nose to accommodate, it’s time for new frames. We went and tried two pairs:

Fisher Price, “Blast Off”

Fisher Price, “Cotton Candy”

We went with the second pair, which (except for the size and the nose pads) is pretty much the same as what he has.

Hey, if it ain’t broke …