Teething … again.

Joe has been out of sorts for the past several days, refusing solid foods and just generally being a grump. His usual good nature has been replaced by gallons of drool, so we knew it was teething time again.

If you look here, you can see his new top teeth!

Nine months old

Joe turned 9 months old yesterday, which means he’s been in the world almost as long as he was in my belly.

And only three more months until CAKE!

Nine Months Old

Eat at Joe's

Joe continues to be a good little eater, and he’s trying new things all the time.

I have been making a lot of his food. It’s not only cheaper, but it lets me know exactly what he’s getting. I puree a fruit or vegetable, pour it into ice cube trays, and freeze it overnight. Each cube is about an ounce, so it’s easy to make him a portion of food. Just throw a few cubes into a bowl, nuke it for a few seconds, and voila.

Bananas make me happy!

His favorites:
sweet potatoes

His not-so-favorites:
green beans

His don’t-even-bothers:

yogurt (!!)
hard-boiled egg yolk

Unfortunately, he does seem to prefer the packaged baby food. This is his absolute favorite:

Patrick and I have been eating pretty well lately, too! Last week I made spinach and chicken pie with a lovely phyllo crust:


And last night, in perfect weather, we had a light soup-and-salad dinner on the back porch:
Springtime meal

Tonight, I’m going to try making cashew chicken. Wish me luck!