Joe & Lola

For nearly five years Joe and Lola barely gave each other the time of day. But recently, Joe started cracking up whenever she walked by. Now, at least once a day, the two spend a few minutes getting to know each other.

Joe wants to pet her but is shy about it. Even at 56, Lola is still often a flailing, hyper mess. We’re hoping the two hit it off – it could be great for both of them.


Lola can be majestic during the 40 seconds a day she is both awake and not moving.


Beautiful Saturday

Yesterday was a busy day! We started with an Arc Transition Fair at the local school – we were asked to volunteer, but I think people just want to see Joe.

Not even five, and he’s already being heavily recruited for the Youth Leadership Forum.
Transition Fair

Here he is with his friend Rachel.
Transition Fair

Then we walked to Petersburg to see a steam locomotive that was stopping by. Old things just look right in Petersburg.



Some people even showed up in period clothes. The train is 1913, but close enough.


Later Joe napped, and I checked out the remains of an old railroad bridge.

Still feeling Woodrow Wilsony, I visited Petersburg’s original Spirit of the American Doughboy statue. These were mass produced in the 1920s/30s. Around 130 are still standing in towns all over the country.

Sicky boy

Joe has had a nasty cold that just will not quit. He was out of school most of last week, and this one’s not looking good either.

His doctor prescribed a whole mess of stuff to help him get better, including nebulizer treatments. It looks scary, but it’s pretty standard these days when kids have lung gunk to get out.

I’ve heard other moms talk about how hard it is to get the kid to wear the mask, or to sit still, or to not beĀ afraidĀ of the noise. So I was prepared for a battle … but no. This is Joe we’re talking about. He’s nebulizing like a champ:

“Relax, Mama. I got this.”



Yesterday was beautiful, so we went to Maymont for a late winter picnic. Joe has just started to get interested in live animals, and this was a good chance to interact with something other than our dog Lola.

A kiss to start the day.

Now on to the animals!

The goats were the only ones feeling friendly. Joe’s still a little shy, but intrigued.

Lia’s a good mom.

Joe was supposed to drive home. Slacker.