An Anniversary

Five years ago today, Patrick and I went on our first real date. We had beer and calamari at Huske Hardware House. Patrick swears I told him that very day that I wanted to have children in the next few years. Who knew that five years later we’d have one together?

This past weekend, Joe got to meet his Grandpa Mike and Grandma Mary, who came down from New York just to see him. He was on his best behavior and slept most of the time. When he did fuss, Mary showed us her patented over-the-leg trick, which calmed him right down. We’ve been doing that ever since.

We’re going to attempt to have his portrait made tomorrow. In the meantime, we continue photographing his every move at home. Here he is relaxing in the guest bed:

Such a serious face!

One thought on “An Anniversary”

  1. I love the pics of Joe with his New York grandparents! Sounds like Mary taught you a really good trick with that on the lap thing!

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