Two Years Ago

A woman on one of my parenting discussion boards asked for all of us to share what our first pregnancy symptoms were. I guess she was trying to decide whether the time was right to buy a pregnancy test and see what it said.

So I opened up my pregnancy journal and discovered that it was Sept. 12, 2007, when my fatigue, faint nausea and intense road rage prompted me to get a test and see what was up.

Amazing how much has happened in two short years!

Second Positive HPT


Sometimes I like to search through our Flickr account by date and see what Joe looked like exactly a year ago.

Here he is on Sept. 9 of last year, a day before turning 3 months old:

Dinner time

I remember being so excited when he grew into that robot onesie he has on.

Now, it looks so ridiculously tiny that I can’t believe he ever fit into it!


Joe has been getting on all fours and rocking, which we assumed meant crawling was right around the corner.

But instead, he pulled his feet up farther, and pushed harder with his arms, until he was almost sitting.

Here, you can see how well that went: