A New Car!

New to us, anyway. After our second tow-truck experience with the Accord this year, Patrick stepped up the search for a replacement. So now we have a 2010 Honda Fit! It’s surprisingly roomy inside, and just so much fun to drive.

Here is Joe, kicking the tires at the dealership:


Also new in recent weeks:

  1. Joe is a CHATTERBOX. Still no words (that whole “more” thing kind of petered out) but good gracious, does he make a lot of noise. Tonight he gave us a dramatic speech that went something like, “Lovalovalovalova bijibijbijibiji belabelabela.” We clapped in agreement.
  2. He seems to be waving hello and goodbye. He does it backwards and sort of upside-down, but he definitely does it when coming and going.
  3. He makes very funny faces all of a sudden. Today at lunch he debuted a fishy face that we’ve been hooked on ever since. Video to come.
  4. One of his classmates has a nose-picking habit, and Joe finds this hilarious. His teacher said that as soon as it catches his eye, he belly laughs until they can distract him with something else.
  5. His walking is getting better all the time, and he climbs stairs like a champ. Slowly and with some help, but like a champ!

EDIT: Here’s the video of today’s fishy face debut:

Spaghetti Joe

Joe’s been using his hands a lot more lately, and is particularly drawn to exploring stringy things.

Like Dada’s ear buds:


His occupational therapist pointed out that we could use this to our advantage, in our continuing quest to get Joe to feed himself. Helloooo, spaghetti:


He had a grand time, passing it from hand to hand, stretching it out and flinging it around. He even put it in his mouth a couple of times … but without sauce, it had about the same taste as the ear buds.

So we’ll try it again with sauce … probably outside, where we can hose him off afterward. Stay tuned!