Mid-Summer Post

Wow, I have gotten really bad at keeping up with this blog!

Here are some updates:

Joe had his 4-year checkup last week. He’s still teeny-tiny for his age, but healthy and steadily┬ádeveloping. He was less than friendly to the doctor and her staff, having somehow developed a fear of people in scrubs. But when it was just the two of us in the exam room, he was his sweet self again:


He’s had a great summer so far! We spent a few days in Myrtle Beach with my folks and Joe’s cousins, where Joe┬árediscovered┬áhis love of being in the water:


Joe has also enjoyed a little summer school with his beloved Miss Deena. He’s working on coloring, and getting pretty good at it (although he has a bad habit of chewing on the crayons):


Today we’re enjoying a lazy day at home. I was tidying up my office earlier while Joe played in his room, when suddenly I heard my mother’s voice. He had crawled into his tent (thanks, Aunt Michele!) with a book my mom recorded for him, and was cracking up with each turn of the page:

Next month, the three of us are heading to Virginia Beach for the annual state Arc convention. There will be lots of photos, I’m sure!