Precious little Snowflake

The annual Snowflake Ball was this weekend. As always nothing but thanks and love to Tracy Lowery and her entire family for putting together this incredible event. This is such a big deal, and so much work, and they do it all just because it’s an unbelievably cool thing to do. How great is that?!

The local Special Olympics group – which puts on the Snowflake Ball – relies on donations. Each winter Special Olympic supporters from all over Virginia jump in the cold, cold ocean – it’s the biggest fundraiser of the year. So if you’ve got a few bucks laying around, consider donating. Go here, and just pick a name. They’re all terrific people. Pick a Duong, because Konnie and her family have been great to Joe since he started pre-school at age 2. Hi Konnie!

There are a lot of photos on Flickr. A few of my favorites are below but it’s such a wonderful event you should check out the rest.

Snowflake Ball 2017
Carleigh escorting Joe. Alert readers may remember Carleigh from last year’s Snowflake Ball, or from Joe’s visit to this past summer’s state games.

Snowflake Ball 2017
Two young teachers from Joe’s school.

Snowflake Ball 2017
With Mama – Tracy Lowery and friend in the background.

Snowflake Ball 2017
Joe’s favorite dance partner of the evening.

Snowflake Ball 2017
Joe does the Charleston to Bruno Mars. Old school? Psssh. I’ll show you old school.

Suit up.
Getting his hair done by Mama before going out.