Thanks Joyti!

Our second year as a Va-LEND family has ended. This year we were matched up with a terrific genetic counselor (almost) Joyti. We first met back in September, and over the past eight months Joyti has observed Joe and us at home, in school, during therapy, out having fun and even by Facetime. We have no doubt she would have been an exceptional professional without us, but are glad we met her and hope the experience will make her just that much better in her career.

Best of luck Joyti – thanks for everything and we hope to see you again soon.

Va-LEND picnic

Va. Lend picnic

Va. Lend picnic

One thought on “Thanks Joyti!”

  1. Thank you all for everything this past year, and thank you for this post. It really made me smile! I hope to see you all again soon too!

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