Whatta weekend

We had a terrific weekend, mostly in Petersburg. The city hosted a half-marathon and 5K. I ran the 5K, then came home, scooped up the family and we all went to a little event at Colonial Heights H.S. (Hi Ms. Mott!). Then back to Petersburg where we met up with our friend Joyti at the Smokin’ BBQ Fest.

Then Joe slept well.

Sunday Joe and I went to Petersburg’s Battersea for the annual Revolutionary War reenactment. You could tell it was a reenactment because of the Smoothie stand. (We did a little video from our visit two years ago. Criminy, round-face-four-year-old Joe was cute.)

Hey! Here are some photos …

Petersburg Smokin' BBQ Fest
Joe waiting on BBQ. “Where’s my damn BBQ?”

Petersburg Smokin' BBQ Fest
Dancing with Joyti!

Petersburg Smokin' BBQ Fest
We liked it so we put a bird on it.

Sleeping with Pete
Joe sleeps with Pete’s leg in his mouth. Giraffe, an accountant, naps by his side, still exhausted from the long tax season. Off screen at his feet, Scout hums a mechanical lullaby. Up top, Bunk Bot and Muno keep watch, semper vigilans. Plush fraternal boncuğu.

Battersea 2015
Next morning, we had to drive to the Revolution. Evidently the local stations don’t carry it.

Battersea 2015
The Battersea house, circa 1770.

Battersea 2015
Freakin’ British cavalry. Spoiler alert guys, freedom wins.