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A Non-Joe Post

It occurred to me recently that this blog has become “All Joe, All the Time.”  It’s understandable — he’s the most interesting thing we’ve ever done, and the camera loves him! But I’m going to attempt one post here that isn’t all about the baby.

First, we saw the most amazing movie over the weekend. “Man On Wire” is a documentary about the French daredevil who walked on a wire between the twin towers of the World Trade Center, shortly after it opened in the 1970s.

Never mind the actual walking part — the amount of planning and preparation and trickery that went into setting up the wire was just breathtaking. He came up with this plan while the twin towers were still under construction, so there’s lots of footage of that. It’s odd to see the innards of those buildings as they were going up — we’re so used to seeing them when they came down.

Netflix users — get it!

Tonight, as part of the National Day of Service, I’m making chicken for 40 and helping to serve dinner at the Petersburg Salvation Army Men’s Shelter. It’s a project my Obama campaign friends signed us all up for, and fits in with one of my new year’s resolutions — to volunteer more. It could become a regular thing!

I’m excited about tomorrow’s inauguration. No matter who you supported in the presidential race, you’ve got to admit it’s kind of cool to see this happening in our lifetime. And I’ll admit, I am dying to see what Michelle Obama wears!

Joe's Jams

Joe has already developed a little ear for music. If he’s fussy, all you have to do is start singing him a light and happy tune. He goes all quiet and stares at your face until you’re done singing, and then he smiles. (If you sing him a tune that’s kind of sad, he’ll keep fussing!)

This is my favorite to sing to him. He’s an Angel Baby, so it just came out of my mouth one day — and it’s been a daily thing ever since.

“Angel Baby”
Rosie & The Originals


This one is another favorite. (Can you tell I spent a lot of time listening to my dad’s records as a kid?)

“I Love How You Love Me”
The Paris Sisters


At night, when I feed him after his bath, we listen to a CD I made to listen to while in labor. The first song is from the Curious George soundtrack, of all things. Patrick calls it “hippie music,” but I think it’s a sweet song for a kid.

“With My Own Two Hands”
Ben Harper and Jack Johnson