Picture Game

I totally stole this from my friend Stephanie’s blog. I don’t know if I have enough readers to make it interesting, but here goes:

Comment and ask me to take pictures of any aspect of our life that you’re interested in/curious about — it can be anything from our dinner to our favorite gadgets to our cars. Leave your requests as a comment to this entry; I’ll snap the pictures and post them back here. It’s like a glimpse into our world!

Copy and paste this into your journal and give a glimpse into your world too!

5 thoughts on “Picture Game”

  1. I would like to see where you hide all your crap when company is coming over. I have a closet that is hazardous to open so I just want to make sure it’s normal. (And I fully plan on stealing this too)

  2. I know that you spend a lot of time on your computer. I would love to see your desk or table where you do your work. I wont’ complain if Baby Joe is in the pic, too!

  3. Mommala – You picked a bad night! I had a meeting to go to, so I made chicken salad for Patrick. I did take a picture though, and I’ll post it soon!

    Alecia – We have to wait f a few more weeks for the glider to arrive, but I’ll snap a photo as soon as it’s here!

    Crazy Aunt Shelly — Comin’ right up!

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