On being Joe’s mom

Joe is a superpower. He multiplies good things by his presence. Lia has always been thoughtful, articulate and ready to rally for a cause. Add Joe and you get things like this video.

Lia was asked by our friend Mike, a pastor, to speak at his church on Mother’s Day because she has a unique perspective on being a mom. A little late for Mother’s Day, but it happened yesterday and took a little time to put together.

Our boy lucked out with his wonderful Mama. Or he picked her. Either way, they both win.

3 thoughts on “On being Joe’s mom”

  1. So very well said. A beautiful tribute to motherhood. Yours and all of ours….

  2. This…was just fabulous. What an important message for everyone to hear. I love how you said that if you had a classmate like Joe when you were growing up that perhaps your attitude would have been different from the start. I believe this is the key. We don’t give kids like Joe a shot because school districts look at him and immediately want to put him into a self-contained classroom all day long.

    I am very interested in re-posting this video on my website: Think Inclusive – http://thinkinclusive.us. Do you have a transcript of your speech that I could include with the posting? You can email me at timvillegas [at] thinkinclusive.us.

    Again…thank you so much. I wish this could be heard by all parents whose children experience a disability. Thanks.

    Think Inclusive

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