It’s not fair

It’s Faire – with an ‘e’!

The Virginia Renaissance Faire to be precise, good lords and ladies. That’s where we spent much of today. And Joe got knighted, so we got that going for us. Which is nice.

Aside from attempting to woo the queen herself, Joe’s favorite part was by far the juggler.

Thankfully our friends the Tolberts and Murphys met us there. They’re all pretty sane and made it fun for us adults – otherwise it could have become a game of dodging middle-aged drama kids and third-string English accents. Cris & Diane & Mike & Chris & assorted children – it was great seeing you!

Mackin’ on Liz.
Renaissance Faire

Receiving his Order of Knighthood. There’s a storm coming …
Renaissance Faire

Larksalot the juggler
Renaissance Faire

Joe watching Larksalot. He was amused.
Renaissance Faire