Stair Climber

Joe has gotten really good at climbing stairs.

He doesn’t try it at our house (ours aren’t carpeted, and they only lead to a closed door and a creepy attic). But at my parents’ house, he just can’t help himself!

He climbed all 14 steps three times the other day. After getting to the top on his second trip up, he took a right and then stepped down into my father’s workroom. That’s where he fell in love with the HIGH VOLTAGE sign, which we used to lure him a third time:


Don’t worry, there is no actual high voltage within Joe’s reach. Just a sign.

Here is video footage of one trip up:

2 thoughts on “Stair Climber”

  1. Great job Joe! I found your blog from a comment you made on Dana’s blog about your son having Joe Syndrome. I love that and may use it for my daughter who is currently (still) undiagnosed at almost 4. Have a great weekend.!


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