Joe Cool

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a baby shower for my friend Lisa. Her daughter, Hannah, was not due to be born until Halloween, but she surprised everyone and was born way back in August. She was teeny-tiny, and had to spend weeks in the NICU before getting strong enough to go home. She actually just went home from the hospital the day before the shower, so it was a very special day!

Anyway, I was sipping my punch and visiting with some other friends at the shower when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Lisa’s sister-in-law, who introduced herself and asked if I was Joe’s mom. She was one of the people who had read his blog when we were on our worldwide quest for his favorite baby food — in fact, she generously supplied quite a few jars of it through Lisa.

She said that she had recently been shopping, when she spotted something and knew it would be perfect for Joe. Then she handed me a T-shirt, which Joe is proudly modeling here:



Do you see what it says under “Ladies Man”? Joe Cool.

How cool is that?