Desperately Seeking Toodee!

After the great success of the online hunt for Joe’s favorite food, we are trying to pay it forward.

Here’s the deal: A friend-of-a-friend has a little girl with a rare blood disease that has her in and out of the hospital. On one recent stay, she misplaced one member of a five-piece Yo Gabba Gabba set that she loved.

This is the set:

Toodee (the blue guy, second from left) is the one missing.

In trying to replace him, her mom discovered that the set was a limited-edition Toys R Us product that was only sold last Christmas. So it can be found online — but only at “Collector’s Edition” prices.

So here’s what we need you to do. Check your toy boxes, junk drawers and playrooms for this guy. He’s about 4″ tall and plastic.

If your little ones can do without him, let’s send him on to this little girl. (Even better: If you can part with the whole set, we’ll get that to her in case anyone else goes missing!)

Thanks, y’all — happy hunting!

Update: The perfect Toodee was discovered in a toy box by the daughter of one of my RichmondMommies friends. She graciously gave up her old pal so that he could rejoin his friends and make another girl very happy. Yay for finding him, and yay for generous kids who do the right thing!