Despite an oppressive heat wave (100+ degrees!), Joe is having a great summer so far!

Last week, we went to Alexandria to visit our friends Anita and Kaden. Like Joe, Kaden just turned 2 and is doing things on his own time. It was nice for Joe to be at a playdate with someone his age and not get trampled or left in the dust! I wish we lived closer together.


We couldn’t make a trip to that part of the state without a stop at Ikea — love that place! Among the finds that day was a little green potty chair for Joe. He’s a long way from knowing or caring what it’s for, but seriously. LOOK AT THIS:

Potty boy 2

On the orders of his ophthalmologist, Joe has started to wear an eye patch so that his eyes will learn to share the work they do. It’s only 90 minutes a day, six days a week (four on the left eye, two on the right). He was a little annoyed by it at first, but is growing to tolerate it pretty well.


6 thoughts on “Summer”

  1. Hi Lia! Joe is just too cute! Ricky actually has the same green potty from IKEA and it has just become one more toy!!! We are no where near potty training…and the one time my husband sat him there because he noticed he was about to poop… as soon as he felt that something was going on down there he tried to stick his hands in! eeewww Good thing he acted fast and stopped him from making a big mess. Since then, he just loves to climb in and sit there!

    On another note…I do wish to be able to connect more with you and Anita. I know Ricky would love to play with Kaden and Joe! We live quite close to Anita (we’re in Arlington, VA) so hopefully we can arrange something in the near future!

    1. How did I not know you were in Arlington?! Yes, next time we’ll make a party of 6!

  2. It’s your friendly RM blog stalker here to say — for a kid who is not into the patch, he sure fakes it well. Look at that smile! Loving the updates… 🙂 PS — what song did you pick for the Father’s Day video?!

    1. Gah, I never even made the dang video! We had a houseguest that week and a million things to do, so time slipped away from me. We’ll have to make it an every-OTHER-year tradition.

      Keep stalkin’, sister! Happy to see you here!

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