Patrick in the Fayetteville Disturber

There was a time when Patrick popped up in The Fayetteville Observer every other day. Now that we don’t live there anymore, people are probably surprised to see him on the front page of today’s military section:

They did a story on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion and how it affected Fayetteville families. Last week they asked people to send in their personal photos of deployment scenes, communication to/from Iraq, etc. So we sent some of ours in.

You can see the photo better on their Web site, but for some reason in the online version it appears to be illustrating a story about wounded soldiers. People who know him (and know he came back fine, just a little skinny) might be confused by that …

Isn’t he handsome?

ETA: They fixed the Web site so that his photo illustrates the appropriate story now. Whew!