Today's Checkup

For the next several weeks, Joe and I are seeing the doctor every two weeks instead of once a month. This morning, the doctor listened to his heartbeat (nice and strong!) and felt around to see where his head is. Turns out he’s in a transverse position (sideways, instead of upside-down or right-side-up):

This makes sense, because I’ve been feeling lots of kicks on my left and occasional fluttery fingers on my right. Last night I was lying on my right side, with the TV remote resting on the left side of my belly. Joe began vigorously kicking, making the remote rock back and forth and wobble up and down. Patrick could see it from across the room!

I also learned from the nurse that I’ve gained a whopping 40 pounds, so I was prepared for a lecture from the doctor. (My mother still recalls the talking-to she got from her doctor at this stage of pregnancy — she went on to have my 11-pound sister, so the joke was on him!) Anyway, my doctor said she wasn’t worried about it and that I’d be surprised how much of it comes off as water weight after the birth. She’d be more concerned if I weren’t gaining enough weight. No chance of that!

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