A few interesting facts about the Tussing Elementary School 2015 yearbook:

– It exists, and is very cool.

– Joe is fascinated by it. All those familiar faces in a book format? Yes, please!

– Joe is in it 10 times. There’s his regular class photo of course, but he just sort of appears throughout the rest. There’s Joe with his P.E. teacher. Here’s Joe with the music teacher. Look, Joe with his backpack. Who’s that with Mrs. Resnick? Why, it’s Joe.

I was getting a little creeped out thumbing through it. First it was cute in a where’s Waldo way. Then it got a little name-droppy, like when you go into someone’s office and they have photos of themselves with random celebrities or politicians. So you met Al Gore – who cares? Then it started to feel Shining, like the final slow zoom into Jack Nicholson’s face in the old photo.

Don’t tell Joe I said that, he doesn’t like me to talk about the Overlook.

Yearbook 2015
He’s put all the physical pieces together for reading. Posture, grip, book is almost always right-side-up, he chatters like he’s reading, eyes go left-to-right, turns pages like a pro. Very neat to watch years of reading to him pay off.

Yearbook 2015

Yearbook 2015
Lola photobomb.