Movin’ on up

Joe has finally left the crib. He’s now in the perfect bed for him, and his particular set of skills acquired over the last five and a half years.

It isn’t enough to call this a “specialty bed.” This thing is a work of art. Hand built in Maine by a guy (and fellow Patrick) who designed it for his own daughter – it’s all padded and has a tough netting that zips closed, so Joe can jump and play when he wants, but can’t roll or crawl out at night.

I’m guessing within a week he’ll have diagrams, metal files, a paper mache dummy head and fake passport under the mattress. Just waiting for a new moon to make his move.





One thought on “Movin’ on up”

  1. Wow! What a SUPER crib. What a great solution. Love you.

    Burt VanderClute Sent by iPad2


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