A Day in the Life

The online forum for my local mothers’ group has a feature in which members are invited to share their day in photos. My day is pretty Joe-heavy, so here it is for all his fans …

Like most days, my Tuesday began around 6:30 or 7 with this (I hope he will always wake up this happy):

After a good snuggle, he took to his throne to await breakfast (that’s a Napoleon Dynamite doll he’s whipping around there):

Posing with Dada, who’s about to leave for the day:

A little time to play and then … dressed for school!

Here comes the bus to take him away …

Now my commute down the hall for work …

Here’s an arty shot of what I’m working on to make it seem more interesting:

I’m also printing address labels so we can finally send these.
(I knew I wouldn’t make a Christmas deadline, so we did New Year’s cards instead. Probably should have done Valentine’s cards. Don’t you judge me.)

And now, an additional way to procrastinate

Noon. Lunch break! (PB&J, Diet Coke and a good magazine)

Time to get Joe from school …

Off to therapy!

With his speech therapist at 2 p.m. …

And his physical therapist at 3 p.m. …

Back home to play (he loves that mirror — what an ego!)

Dada comes home and feeds Joe (I neglected to photograph that part, just imagine it).

I have a meeting tonight, so I’m going to Panera for a solo dinner while I read my notes:

To City Hall for a Citizen Planning Committee meeting:

Back home, where Patrick is cuddled up to my sister-wife:

Ooh, a new Parenthood is on!

A quick check of the little dude:

And lights out, a little later than I meant to.

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