A New Skill

This is second nature to most kids, but for Joe it’s a big step!

He has figured out how to hold and maneuver his little Nuk brush, so that he can chew on it for a good long time with no help. This can lead to all kinds of great things, like 1) not chewing on his fingers or sleeves as much, and 2) eventually feeding himself. Oh, happy day!

In the video, you can also clearly see his nystagmus causing “wobbly eyes” a few seconds in, when he looks up toward the upper-right corner of the frame. (It’s always more noticeable when he’s worn out — we had just come from a birthday party, and he went down for a two-hour nap right after this!)

One thought on “A New Skill”

  1. Great job Joe! I know how you feel about being one step closer to feeding themselves, there will be MUCH rejoicing in this house as well when that day comes 🙂

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