Santa Baby

We didn’t make it to see Santa last year, so I was determined to make it happen this year. Their first meeting, in 2008, was so memorable!

And again, Joe couldn’t tear his eyes away from St. Nick to smile for the camera. Even as we were paying and making our way out of there, he kept bending and twisting to get a look at the old guy. Sweetness!


2 thoughts on “Santa Baby”

  1. Ha ha!!! He’s such a funny little dude, that Joe! I bet he’s Santa’s EAST Coast favorite ;o) We are taking Sammie B this weekend. Wait till you see her sparkly silver dress! (But the last two years, she’s just sat there totally frozen, kind of like, “oh my god, maybe if I don’t move a muscle, this big red guy won’t notice my parents just SAT ME ON HIS LAP. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!”)

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