Joe Meets His L.A. Lady!

For a couple of years now, I’ve been chatting online with a group of moms whose children all have developmental delays. One of them has a daughter, Sammie B, who’s very much like Joe — right down to the super-cute glasses.

Sammie B and her folks live in Los Angeles, but they made a trip to Baltimore to see specialists at Johns Hopkins (a lot like we did a while back!) Sammie’s mom and I have been saying for a while that these two are destined to meet, so we planned a little afternoon date there. (I nearly froze my buns off — I can’t imagine what that weather felt like to people who live in L.A.!)

Anyway, here are the little four-eyed lovebirds just moments after meeting:


Word of advice: If you don’t like a lot of attention from strangers, don’t go out in the city with two ridiculously adorable bespectacled children. Lordy, we each thought we got a lot of attention with just the one kid — together, they are an unstoppable death ray of cuteness!

For more on their hot date (including Joe’s regrettable decision to hit on his date’s mother!) looky here.

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  1. Love it! Love love love! Next time, someplace warmer! (Oh and BTW, we went back to Hard Rock on Friday before the aquarium, and they remembered us and asked where Joe was!).

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