Joe is going through a squeaky phase right now. He expresses delight (or just boredom) by hitting notes that would put Mariah Carey to shame.

All you have to do is put something on your head, and voilĂ :

Grrrr … the dang video won’t embed properly. Click here to see it.

A Visit from Kaden!

Joe’s friend Kaden came to visit from Maryland on Saturday. Kaden’s mom and I met on an online discussion board for parents of kids with developmental delays, and we’ve been in touch for several months now. Our boys have a lot in common!


Kaden’s parents both came along, and they were kind enough to bring a ton of Joe’s favorite food, which was still hanging out on a grocery shelf somewhere in the greater D.C. area. Now that it’s discontinued, I am pretty sure we have every jar left in the world!

After lunch and a little floor time, we walked down to the playground to try out the slides. Kaden was already an old pro, but I don’t think Joe had ever been on one. He loved it!


In December, we are excited to meet Sammie B and her mama, from the same discussion board. They will be coming to the East Coast from California to see a specialist at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore.

One of these days, we’re going to get as many of these kids together as we can, and have a big conference for Excessive Cuteness Syndrome!

Keep Voting!

CJ’s Meal Fairies has made amazing progress in the vote for a $50,000 grant from Pepsi. You can vote for them once each day (you also get nine more votes for any of the other worthy causes listed).

The Meal Fairies make sure that families of hospitalized children get tasty, nutritious meals (instead of vending-machine garbage) during their hospital stay. The idea comes from our friends Roger and Rachel, parents of CJ and founders of CJSTUF (see the video below for more on that).

Click here to cast your vote, and do it every day!

For extra cool points, vote with your phone by texting 103934 to Pepsi (73774).


The Tunnel

Joe’s super-cool Aunt Michele sent a pop-up tent and tunnel set a while back, and it has provided hours of entertainment.

Patrick noticed something familiar in one of the photos …

Abadee, abadee, abadee ...
... that's all, folks!

Here is Joe in action:

Time to Vote!

Because the local schools are used as polling places on Election Day, it’s a holiday for the students. Joe and I had a lovely, lazy morning together (without rushing around to get ready and get to the bus) and then a leisurely walk to the polls.

Joe, all suited up to go vote!

Speaking of voting, our friends at CJ’s Thumbs Up Foundation need your help! They are in the running for a grant from Pepsi, which would fund their “CJ’s Meal Fairies” program. The idea is to get healthy, tasty food to families of hospitalized children. (Imagine the stress of having a child in the hospital — that is no time to rely on vending-machine food.)

You can vote once a day, every day, for the entire month of November — click here to do it!