A Visit from Kaden!

Joe’s friend Kaden came to visit from Maryland on Saturday. Kaden’s mom and I met on an online discussion board for parents of kids with developmental delays, and we’ve been in touch for several months now. Our boys have a lot in common!


Kaden’s parents both came along, and they were kind enough to bring a ton of Joe’s favorite food, which was still hanging out on a grocery shelf somewhere in the greater D.C. area. Now that it’s discontinued, I am pretty sure we have every jar left in the world!

After lunch and a little floor time, we walked down to the playground to try out the slides. Kaden was already an old pro, but I don’t think Joe had ever been on one. He loved it!


In December, we are excited to meet Sammie B and her mama, from the same discussion board. They will be coming to the East Coast from California to see a specialist at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore.

One of these days, we’re going to get as many of these kids together as we can, and have a big conference for Excessive Cuteness Syndrome!

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