With all this motoring around and checking things out, Joe has started to learn about gravity, and how face + velocity + kitchen floor = bruise. His physical therapist calls these “mobility injuries,” and (after the initial tears) they are cause for celebration!

Here he is showing off his forehead bruises, one caused by a battle with the kitchen floor and the other a battle with a restaurant table. Live and learn, little dude!


2 thoughts on “Boo-Boos”

  1. Yep, sweet sweet signs of We haven’t had many yet, but the ones we’ve had, I’ve embraced. The “falling flat on my face because I have no balance” ones suck more ;o) But the “I actually tried to move to get what I wanted” ones? FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. Those types of bruises are like trophies! Go Joe Go!

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