Splints and Stuff

Joe’s occupational therapist has added a new item to the list of things the kid has to put on every day: thumb splints!

They are meant to improve his grasp by positioning his thumb in a more adaptive way throughout the day. Here he is showing them off:

Meanwhile, he’s learning new stuff all the time. His new favorite after-dinner activity is a game we call Climbing Over Dada to Get a Toy:

Festival Season!

Fall in Richmond means festival season is upon us! Every weekend, there is at least one festival going on, and it usually means really good food.

On Friday, Joe and I met Patrick at the Armenian Food Festival and the three of us enjoyed hummus, boreg, pilaf, hye burgers and chicken kabobs. Yum.

Saturday was Oktoberfest, where Patrick had a bratwurst with potato salad and I had a pretzel the size of a bed pillow. Somehow, we managed a couple of beers and a slice of German chocolate cake too.

Today, Joe and I went to the Family Peace Festival, where I (miraculously) didn’t eat a thing but we both enjoyed the music and the variety of exhibitors.

Here is Joe in the Festhalle at Oktoberfest:

First Day!

Thank goodness they start 2-year-olds on a 9:30-11:30 schedule. That was agony!

Here he is waiting for the bus:

Waiting for the bus 3

Getting on the bus:

It's here!


"Who are you?!"

That began a terrible two-hour wait for him to come home. I went out to the porch at 11:30, and craned my neck to see every vehicle I heard coming. I haven’t been that eager to see someone get home safely since Patrick returned from Iraq!

And here is my boy, fresh off the bus:


That’s not the shirt he left in — he had a leakage issue and had to change into one of the emergency outfits we’d sent. I wonder how often that happens on the first day?!

So. I guess that was the hardest part, and it’s over! He’s a real school kid now!