First Day!

Thank goodness they start 2-year-olds on a 9:30-11:30 schedule. That was agony!

Here he is waiting for the bus:

Waiting for the bus 3

Getting on the bus:

It's here!


"Who are you?!"

That began a terrible two-hour wait for him to come home. I went out to the porch at 11:30, and craned my neck to see every vehicle I heard coming. I haven’t been that eager to see someone get home safely since Patrick returned from Iraq!

And here is my boy, fresh off the bus:


That’s not the shirt he left in — he had a leakage issue and had to change into one of the emergency outfits we’d sent. I wonder how often that happens on the first day?!

So. I guess that was the hardest part, and it’s over! He’s a real school kid now!

One thought on “First Day!”

  1. Oh!!! Seeing that sad face on the bus makes ME cry!!! But a happy face when he came home :o) I can’t wait to hear about how his second, third, fourth, etc. days go! We’ll be beginning this journey soon enough! Kudos to you for being such a strong mama. I would have probably sobbed the entire two hours.

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