Birthday Boy

Joe had a lovely day!

The staff at Children’s Hospital, where he had his morning appointment, scooped him up at the door and sang “Happy Birthday.”

Afterward, we went shopping for some books and a cool Joe-sized chair, then ran a few errands.

Joe was still napping when Dada came home, but when he got up, we ate and had cupcakes!

Making a wish

Then … presents!

Patrick made a cool banner, and Joe sat in his new chair to open all his cool stuff:


After that, Joe was inducted into a very exclusive club. (He and Dada are the only members to date!)

Patrick has been working very hard on all the details, which he may or may not share with the rest of us.

Here is Joe, looking over the fine print:

Reading the rules

A great day for a great boy. Next thing you know, he’ll be THREE!

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