Baltimore Bound

Later this month, Joe will see a developmental pediatrician at Kennedy-Krieger Institute in Baltimore. He’s still taking his sweet time meeting all his milestones (most kids his age are running, climbing and saying a few words by now), and the people at Kennedy-Krieger are good at solving those kinds of mysteries.

Just as we did last year in Pittsburgh, we’re using Joe’s doctor appointment as an excuse to take a family mini-vacation. I haven’t been to Baltimore since I was a kid, but I remember a really cool aquarium! I’m also looking forward to Maryland crab cakes – YUM.

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  1. Have a good time! Go over to Fells Point…cute little bars and restaurants. Bertha’s Muscles rock!

  2. Hi Lia,

    I’ve read some on your posts at the delayed darlings board (I’m still a lurker…DS was diagnosed with developmental delays recently -among other things- and I still haven’t had the chance to post an introduction) But I did wanted to contact you because we are taking our son to Kennedy Krieger next Monday (finally! been waiting since December) We’re scheduled to see Dr. Eric Levey -the original appointment was made with Dr. Hoon, but then they switched us to this Dr (?). Just wondering what doctor you’ll see and I hope to have many-many good comments about our experience there to share with you nest week! Oh! and Joe Joe is adorable (my DS was born end of May 2008, so they’re the same age) 🙂

    1. Hey there! You’ll be there on Monday the 5th? Or the same day as us (March 29)?

      I don’t know the name of the doc we’ll see, but it’s a developmental pediatrician. We’re looking forward to learning some more about this little guy, and having some fun in Baltimore!

      Be sure and introduce yourself on the DD boards so I know how to find you!

  3. We’ll be at the Krieger the same day as you guys! March 29th at 1 pm (at the new building…801 N. Broadway) What a coincidence!!!

  4. Martha, I didn’t see your reply until just now. We were in the same building for a 9 a.m. appointment, but with different docs. I think we must have been leaving just as you were getting there!

    I would love to know how your visit went!

  5. Hi Lia! Sorry I didn’t respond to this message earlier…

    I did, finally, posted an intoduction on the DD board (screen name: tica_tica) about a month ago…

    Visit to Krieger was good. Almost a disaster, but Dr. Hoon stepped in and saved the day…it turned out they had called on Friday and left a message on our answering machine cancelling the appointment (the nerve!!!). So after explaining to the receptionist that it was inexcusable to make such arrangements with a machine (for an appointment we have been preparing for since late December!) Dr. Hoon came out, apologized and said that even though Dr. Levey was doing rounds in another hospital, that he could see Ricky later that day. Of course this meant that we spent the whole day there and really most of the appointment was with the nurse practioner…but overall it went great, and we ended up seeing the director of the whole department! They dismissed the idea of CP but did mention that they believe something genetic is going on…so tests have been scheduled and now we wait.

    Another interesting part of our visit is that we actually met with the same ped. that saw your son (Ana Maria). It was an informal meeting…but it appers she’ll be following Ricky’s development along with the doctors from the neuro clinic. She seemed very nice. I wonder if she’ll be able to tell us what to expect for the future as she did with Joe… Dr. H kept “covering his butt” with comments like “I don’t have a crystal ball” and “there’s no guarantee” to most of our questions regarding his gross motor skills and intelligence…

    Hope to hear from you soon and the best to your precious Joe (he is just TOO cute!)

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