Will Work for (This) Food!

Joe is not the most enthusiastic eater you’ve ever met (which is weird, because his parents LOVE food!) There’s nothing he really seems to hate, but it takes him forever to finish a meal, and sometimes he just quits about three spoonfuls in. Maddening.

Anyway, to keep him from wasting away to nothing, we are always looking for high-calorie stuff that he will enjoy. We add oil, butter, peanut butter, heavy cream or cream cheese to just about everything.

But that’s hard to do when you’re “on the road,” so we have always liked having this stuff on hand to throw in his bag:

It’s 230 calories a serving, and he gobbles it right up.

But the Food Lion where I have always gotten it suddenly stopped carrying it. Kroger, Ukrop’s, Target, K-Mart and Wal-Mart don’t have it either. Even if they carry the Beech-Nut brand, they don’t have this variety.

The Food Lion near my parents’ house had eight jars the last time we were there. I squealed in delight and bought every last one of them. But they were on clearance, so I’m pretty sure that was the last of them.

The fine folks at Beech-Nut have ignored two e-mails from me, so they’re no help. But they still have this stuff on their Web site, so I don’t think it’s been discontinued. It’s out there somewhere!

We’re hoping that some of our friends out there in cyberspace can help. Next time you’re out for groceries, look for Beech-Nut Whole Wheat Pasta Parmesan. Maybe one of those regional chains has all of them?!

Edit: Just heard back from the people at Beech-Nut:

… we are sorry to tell you that Beech-Nut DHA Whole Wheat Pasta Parmesan was discontinued earlier this year. It is no longer in production.

OK, so whatever we find is definitely the last of it. Happy hunting!

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