Pony Walker!

Patrick had the day off of work, so he came along for Joe’s usual physical therapy appointment. Joe always does well in PT, but today, with Dada to cheer him on … he did great.

Cristin, Joe’s physical therapist, put him in what they call a “pony walker” — it’s a gait trainer that straps the kid into an upright position, with feet against the floor, so he can push off and “walk” with support.

Now, keep in mind that they have put him in this thing three or four other times in the past few months, and each time he just sat there looking at me.

But today (and I am totally not taking this personally), he pushed off and scooted toward Dada!

Cristin was so impressed that she carried it out to to the car and let us take it home. Joe has been scooting around the kitchen and seeming as pleased with himself as we are. He just backed Lola into a corner!

He has a way to go in controlling the thing, but look how well he’s doing already:

3 thoughts on “Pony Walker!”

  1. Oh, that is great!! Those cute little tootsies pushing against the floor – I bet he’ll get better with it every day.

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