Ear Infection!


Joe has been so cranky and out of sorts, and just not acting like himself. After a while, it definitely seemed like more than just teething.

So last night, I took him to yet another urgent care, just to make sure we weren’t overlooking anything.

Sure enough, the doc said his right ear looked red and infected.

Here he is waiting for her to come back with medicine:

Urgent Care

No amoxicillin this time, for obvious reasons. He got a one-time dose of antibiotics — in a shot. He was not amused.

He seemed to feel a lot better today as we made our way back to Virginia. But this evening, he woke up from a late nap crying his little eyes out, and could not be calmed down.

So we threw him in the car and went to Target! (For some reason, walking into a big public place shuts him right up.)

He very much enjoyed the toy aisle with Dada:

Fun at Target

(We forgot to put his glasses back on him before running out of the house. Oops.)