Poor Joe developed a nasty cough a couple of days ago. When he began coughing so hard that he couldn’t eat or drink, I took him to an urgent-care facility to see what was up.

After a nasal swab, physical exam and chest X-ray, they said it was nothing and sent us on our way. We kept his humidifier on, gave him lots of rest, and crossed our fingers.

Sicky Boy

Then they called the next day to say, “Wait, yeah — that was pneumonia on the X-ray. Call his pediatrician, or take him to the ER. Have a nice day!”


Fortunately, his pediatrician is wonderful. She answered our call right away (on a Saturday!) and called in all the prescriptions he needed to get better. We had a couple of sleepless nights (reminiscent of the newborn phase!) but last night he slept without waking even once. Today, he’s drowsy but getting back to his chatty self:

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