A Great Christmas

Joe had a fun-filled day, playing with his Grandma and Grandpa and getting to know a whole slew of new toys.

He has a puppy that sings and follows a remote control, and another one that sings songs with his name in them.

The puppy

He also got an assortment of other noisy, bright, blinky things. Plus some cool books, one of which I read to him tonight before putting him to bed an hour earlier than usual. Poor dude was worn out!

Here he is enjoying a ride on the turtle scooter sent by his previously mentioned super-cool Aunt Michele:

Turtle smiler

And again after getting dressed in an outfit hand-picked by his Nana:

It’s hard to believe that his first full calendar year on earth is coming to a close. It sometimes still seems like he just got here!

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  1. Thanks, y’all! I keep telling him how cute he is. Wait ’til he figures out what power is in that cuteness!

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