Summer Already?

So we had about two days of lovely, breezy springtime, and now suddenly it’s 90 degrees. Weird.

Yesterday we got up, got dressed, and walked ourselves over the bridge to Petersburg. Nothing was open there except Dixie Diner, so we stopped in for a nice breakfast.


Walking back from Petersburg is always a little more of a challenge (especially with our bellies full of omelet and bagel), but we made it home before the really sweltering heat started.

Joe is going through another one of his “I don’t need no stinking nap” phases. I think this is the culprit:

This is what's making him so grumpy

2 thoughts on “Summer Already?”

  1. Oh, bless his baby heart! I can see that tooth! And I think your two guys are cute, cute, cute!

  2. Oh, I’m soooo glad to have a Joe post! I was seriously going through withdrawal! Soon he will be grinning with TEETH showing!! Love to all from AintNaincy

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