Winter Blahs

Winter is definitely back, after that beautiful spring-like weather we had last week. Which is OK, because Joe has a fun winter outfit that he needed to wear before spring rolled around for keeps:


It is very hard not to eat him up when he’s dressed like that. I don’t know how he gets through a day without my teeth marks all over him!

His new favorite pastime is tousling his own hair:

Cute, right?

2 thoughts on “Winter Blahs”

  1. Whatta cutie patootie! David had a very similar outfit in brown/beige with the horizontal stripes (instead of vertical) on the hat as well as the sweater. We lucked out with enough cool days he was able to use it. And the sweater alone a few other times. And, knowing me, you know Sarah used it a few times, too!! I think I consignment- shopped it before Becca had a chance at it. Tell everyone Aintnaincy says “hey.”

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