This Just In: A Tooth!

Two days ago, Joe was drooling even more than usual and chewing on his fingers a lot. I offered him one of my knuckles, and as soon as he got it in there, I felt something sharp scraping my skin. I pried his mouth open and got just the slightest glimpse of a tooth coming through.

Today it’s finally grown enough to photograph:

First tooth!

Click here for a closer inspection.

Our boy is growing up!

3 thoughts on “This Just In: A Tooth!”

  1. Oh, that darling boy! I think I called that tooth when you were here over Christmas – so I get to buy him his first pair of shoes!! (Real shoes that is)

  2. He will learn early on that Aunt Amy can always be counted on to point out stray boogers. And spinach in his teeth, when he has a few more of them!

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